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Gator Boys

I went to Florida over the weekend with my family. We went to Holiday Park, where the Gator Boys show is filmed.  We saw lots of alligators on an air boat ride. It was really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




All The Fun’s At Camp!

This summer was my first time at camp and I had a blast.

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One Wonderful Wonder

When I went to Canada over the weekend I saw Niagara Falls, also known as one of the 7  wonders of the world and it was was awesome!

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Sarasota, Florida is rockin!

Over Spring Break I went to Sarasota.  It was really fun.  I went fishing and I caught a Flounder, a Grunt, a Pin Fish, a catfish and 2 Trout. I also got to feed alligators and go kayaking. I had a blast.